Mari maestri muffanezi

24 septembrie 2007

Azi inaugurez rubrica comform titlului.
Introducing: one psycho-ass modafucka that i admire <):) [adica ridic palaria]

The Graveyard Boulevard That's My Mom Lyrics
I’m getting pissed and I’ll try to explain
Hard to believe that it happened this way
One day I was out at the cemetery
And this dumb motherfucker was taking a leak
So I spun him around and prepared to fight
And I knocked his ass down with all of my might
He begged and he cried as he asked me why
I said, “Son, you’re fucking with a family guy!

That’s my momma you’re pissing on
I’m keeping it clean, her gravestone
Hey, Hey, no way, you’re getting out alive today

A trip to the crypt and the mausoleum
I’ve gotta stop cause my fist is getting numb
I guess by now, you think that you’ve been had
It’s not over yet, cause here comes dear old dad
He whips out his belt like a man possessed
I can see what’s coming, it’s a bloody mess
He’s half way through when he shouts out load
“Come on son, Let’s make your momma proud!"

Melodia o cautati voi.
PS: incep sa fac trafic de pufarine pe acilea, blogu' va contine tot ce ma obsedeste pe mine si pe Petri, due to the fact that we share the same brain.

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