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28 mai 2009

But the most suprising thing that Trent had to say involved the customs of American soldiers. The troops, he said, can be a little crude.
"Such as?"
We didn't want to know, he says. We begged to differ. "Well, there's mushrooming."
"Never heard of it."
Mushrooming, explains Trent, occurs when one of our soldiers is asleep, and his buddy wants to wake him up in a creative way. The buddy unzips his pants, takes out his penis, dips it in ketchup, then thwacks the sleeping guy on the forehead, leaving a mushroom-shaped imprint. Hence mushrooming.
"Does General Tommy Franks mushroom?"I ask Trent.
"I don't think so."

The Know-It-All, by A.J. Jacobs.
[probably true story]


2 comentarii:

The Dude spunea...

It's not the military types, it's the proud american people that also delivered to our humble civilization the Dirty Sanchez.

muffin spunea...

all in all, nu o sa ies cu unu' caruia i s-a lipit un penis muiat in ketchup pe moaca. Sau a vazut altii care au patit-o. The fagmeter is blinking...